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Artisan Pepper Jelly

Pepper Jellies are a combination of hand - picked fruits combined with vibrant specially selected local Peppers to compliment each fruit. Some items are in limited quantities and supply.

4oz. $5.00    8oz. $9.00 


Backyard Creole Tomato
A spicy Pepper Jelly that makes you feel like you're in New Orleans SOLD OUT

Backyard Creole Tomato & Garlic
A mild Creole Tomato Pepper Jelly combined with just the right amount of peppers & Garlic. SOLD OUT

Mr. Mudbug is always a little tart but sweet. And spicy.   SOLD OUT

Twinkle Toes.
Pineapple, Peach, Strawberry & Mango than we add peppers to give Mrs. Twinkle Toes a kick! SOLD OUT

Muscadine Pepper Jelly
Muscadines are a traditional Southern wine grape. Purple/Black in color with a dry but sweet taste and many peppers. SOLD OUT

Scuppernong Pepper Jelly
Scuppernong is a Bronze color wine grape, indigenous to Louisiana, with a slightly wild fruit taste and peppers. SOLD OUT

Cranberry Pepper Jelly
If you live in New Orleans, and start seeing fresh cranberries you know the  fall season is  somewhere, just not here.
Everyone loves cranberries for the holidays, on top of brie and your favorite cracker you are set to go. 

Spicy Satsuma Pepper Jelly
First we start with citrus from  L'Hoste  Organic Citrus Farm, then we add a variety of five different  types of peppers.
The flavor is very unique to Louisiana in the fall season.  This pepper Jelly has a mild citrus  taste, a compliment to pouring
on top of  brie, goat cheese  it even can be used as a marinade for fish or shrimp.

Anita Chartier deBoisblanc